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Epic Arts is proud to offer a professional, high-quality 16'x24'x42" event stage, perfect for festivals, concerts, street fairs, bands, dance performances, and more. Stage rental is $800 including delivery and installation. This is less than any other professional stage rental price you will find in the Bay Area, and helps support a local non-profit organization. Our stage may also be made completely accessible* by including a 42', ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp for an additional $400.

For more information or to reserve our stage please fill out our rental form at the bottom of this page or call 510-644-2204 ext 13.

Please note that early-morning or late-night delivery, unusually difficult installations, and/or rentals outside of the Bay Area may incur additional charges. We will work with you to determine final charges before signing a contract - no surprises!

*Many cities and civic organizations require ADA-compliant ramps or event organizers may face a fine - check with your permitting office if you're unsure.

Photos and details:

A front view of the stage, set up at the Berkeley 4th of July Festival

Back view of the stage with the attached ADA wheelchair ramp (also great for loading gear or cueing up performers)

The stage is constructed on adjustable steel legs that can be leveled on almost any terrain

The sturdy 3/4" plywood top is fastened to a rock-solid frame, capable of supporting large bands, dance troupes, fashions shows, and more.




Event Date(s):

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Whenever possible, we prefer to set up the stage the night before your event and tear it down the morning after your event:

Requested Installation Date:

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Event Website (if applicable):

Questions, comments, or event details that we should know:

Thanks so much - you'll hear from us soon!


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