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1923 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley CA 94703

tel: 510.644.2204 | fax: 510.903.9685

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Building a Diverse Community

Epic Arts focuses on building our community by building on connections between people and working to engage new social and cultural networks as a means increasing diversity.

Our membership consists of independent artists, educators, professionals, students, organizations and others who share an interest in contributing to a uniquely creative environment and supporting this kind of collaborative effort.

You're invited to participate; come to an event, meet the people, submit your work, contribute your creative energy, and invite friends who would be interested in what we're doing.

Become a part of the next chapter in our epic journey.

Ways you can participate:

- Sign up on our mailing list at the top of our home page

- Come to an event, workshop, or class - check our calendar!

- Check out the ways your business and Epic Arts can work together

- Network, collaborate as an artist, organization, co-conspirator, or sponsor

- Volunteer opportunities - help us with your time, energy, and talents - contact

- Help us grow, get listed, spread the word, link to our site, invite your friends and family

- Contribute tax deductible donations (monetary, in-kind, vehicles)


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Tax-Deductible donations to Epic Arts

As a grassroots organization, Epic Arts needs your support to continue our mission of developing community through the arts. Tax-deductible donations, payable to Epic Arts, a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization, can be sent to:

Epic Arts
1923 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703

Download Epic Arts Tax-Deductible Donation Form here (PDF)

Contact for more information. Thank you for supporting the community!


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Contact our Staff


Ashley Berkowitz - Executive Director 510.644.2204 ext 8

Tanya Hurd - Development Director 510.644.2204 ext 11

Justin Katz - Program Director 510.644.2204 ext 13


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